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Federal and State Court Case Dockets and Filings (Georgia Records)

 FreeUS Supreme Court  US Supreme Court (no search)   Merits Briefs   Briefs   Briefs   Oral Argument Transcripts   Oral Arguments  
    US Appeals, District, and Bankruptcy Court Nationwide Party/Case Index PACER
    US Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit CM/ECF
 FreeUS Northern District Court Free Dockets
    US Northern District Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Northern Bankruptcy Court Free Dockets
    US Northern Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Middle District Court Free Dockets
    US Middle District Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Middle Bankruptcy Court Free Dockets
    US Middle Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Southern District Court Free Dockets
    US Southern District Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Southern Bankruptcy Court Free Dockets
    US Southern Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF
  FreeState Supreme Court   Granted Certioraris and Interlocutory Applications
  FreeState Court of Appeals   EFAST Electronic Filing
  FreeState Public Service Commission
  FreeBibb County State Civil Court   Criminal Court
  FreeBibb County District Attorney Criminal Cases
  FreeChatham County Court
  FreeChatham County - Savannah Recorders Court
  FreeClayton County State, Magistrate, and Superior Courts
  FreeCobb County Superior Court
  FreeCoweta County State Civil Court - User: CowetaView, password: coweta
  FreeDeKalb County Magistrate, State, and Superior Courts
  FreeDeKalb County Probate Court
  FreeDougherty County Court   Albany Superior Court UNDER CONSTRUCTION
 FreeFayette County Superior, State, and Magistrate Courts
  FreeFulton County Superior Civil Court   State Court
  FreeGwinnett County Superior, State, and Magistrate Courts
  FreeHouston County Criminal Court
 FreeLiberty County Magistrate, State, and Superior Courts Click "Court Dockets Online"
  FreeRichmond County Superior Court and State Courts

Federal and State Court Cases of Interest (Georgia Records)

  FreeCobb County Superior Criminal Court Completed Cases of Interest

Federal and State Court Rulings, Calendars, Rules, and Forms (Georgia Records)

  FreeUS Supreme Court Opinions   More   More   More   More   TwitterFeed   Argument Calendars   Court Rules 
  FreeUS Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit Opinions   More   More   More   RSS   Rules/Addenda   Forms/Documents
  FreeUS Northern District Court Local Rules   Forms
  FreeUS Northern Bankruptcy Court Opinions   Local Rules   Forms
  FreeUS Middle District Court Local Rules   Forms/Publications
  FreeUS Middle Bankruptcy Court Opinions   Calendar   Local Rules   Forms
  FreeUS Southern District Court Local Rules   Forms
  FreeUS Southern Bankruptcy Court   Calendar   Local Rules   Forms
  FreeState Supreme Court Opinions and Summaries   Calendar   Rules
  FreeState Court of Appeals Opinions   Calendar   Rules
  FreeState Superior Courts Calendars
  FreeState Attorney General Opinions
  FreeState Public Service Commission Agendas and Calendar
  FreeBibb County Superior and State Court Calendars
  FreeBibb County State Court Civil Jury Verdict Reports
  FreeChatham County Court Calendar
  FreeClayton County Superior Court Calendar
  FreeCobb County Superior Court Calendar
  FreeCity of Atlanta Municipal Court Daily Calendars
  FreeCoweta County Superior Court Calendar   State Court Calendar
  FreeDeKalb County Superior Court Calendar
  FreeFloyd County Superior Court Calendar
  FreeFulton County Superior Civil Court Calendar
  FreeGwinnett County Superior, County, and Magistrate Courts Calendar
  FreeRockdale County State Court Civil Jury Trial Calendar
  FreeLiberty County Superior, State, and Juvenile Court Calendar
  FreeThomas County Superior Court Calendar
  FreeCalhoun County Superior Court Calendar

State and County Property, Recordings, and Liens (Georgia Records)

  FreeState Liens - Search by Debtor, Claimant, or both.  UCCs - Search by several criteria.  Real Property   Unclaimed Property
  FreeMultiple County Property and GIS Mapping Assessors
  FreeMultiple County GIS Maps:
  FreeBerrien County Property
  FreeBibb County Property   Property Maps   Property Taxes   Recorder
  FreeBryan County Property
  FreeCalhoun County Property
  FreeCandler County Property
  FreeCatoosa County Property
  FreeChatham County Property
  FreeCherokee County Recorder
  FreeCity of Canton GIS Mapping
  FreeClarke County Property
  FreeClay County Property
  FreeClayton County Property
  FreeCity of Riverdale Property Tax Bills
  FreeClinch County Property
  FreeCobb County Property   Deeds
  FreeCity of Kennesaw Property Tax
  FreeColumbus-Muscogee County: City of Columbus Property
  FreeDawson County Property
  FreeDeKalb County Property
  FreeDecatur County Property
  FreeDougherty County Property
  FreeEarly County Property
  FreeEffington County GIS Mapping 
  FreeEvans County Property
  FreeFannin County Property
  FreeFayette County Property   Property
  FreeCity of Fayetteville Property and GIS Maps
  FreeForsyth County Recorder   GIS Mapping   Property Tax
  FreeFulton County Property   Property Taxes
  FreeCity of East Point Property
  FreeGlynn County Property
  FreeHabersham County Property
  FreeHancock County Property
  FreeHenry County Property
  FreeHouston County Property   Tax Bills   Superior Court Clerk Recordings
  FreeCity of Warner Robins Property Tax
  FreeIrwin county Property
  FreeLanier County Property
  FreeLaurens County Property 
  FreeLiberty County Property
  FreeLincoln County Property
  FreeLowndes County Property
  FreeLumpkin County Property 
  FreeMacon County Property
  FreeMuscogee County Recorder
  FreeRichmond County
  FreeCity of Augusta Property
  FreeRabun County Property
  FreeUpson County Property
  FreeWare County Property
  FreeWhitfield County Assessor  Property 
  FreeToombs County: city of Vidalia Property Taxes

Federal and State Criminal Records (Georgia Records)

  FreeUS Federal Bureau of Prison Inmates - Includes all inmates from 1982 to present.
  FreeUS FBI Most Wanted
  FreeUS DEA Fugitives
  FreeState Department of Corrections Inmates   Most Wanted Fugitives
    State Bureau of Investigation Criminal History Record Information - for employment, licensing, or visa (travel) purposes ($15 per request).
  FreeUS National Sex Offender Public Registry
    State Bureau of Investigation Online Criminal Record Check - $15 per search.
  FreeState Board of Pardons and Paroles Parolees
  FreeState Child Support Enforcement Most Wanted
  FreeState Bureau of Investigation Sex Offenders, Absconders, and Predators
  FreeAppling County Most Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeAthens-Clarke County Most Wanted
  FreeBaldwin County Sex Offenders
  FreeBanks County Sex Offenders
  FreeBarrow County Incidents   Sex Offenders
  FreeBerrien County Sex Offenders
  FreeBartow County Most Wanted
  FreeBibb County Jail Inmates   Sex Offenders
  FreeBleckley County Sex Offenders
  FreeBrooks County Jail Inmates   Sex Offenders
  FreeBulloch County Sex Offenders   Most Wanted   Top Ten
  FreeCamden County Jail Inmates and Booking Reports   Press Releases Including Arrests
  FreeCarroll County Most Wanted
  FreeCatoosa County Most Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeChatham County Jail Inmates and Bookings   Most Wanted
  FreeCity of Pooler Most Wanted
  FreeCherokee County Inmates:   Most Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeClarke County Jail Inmates   Arrestees   Sex Offenders   Police Logs 
  FreeClay County Sex Offenders
  FreeClayton County Inmates
  FreeCobb County Sheriff Most Wanted   Police Most Wanted   Superior Criminal Court Cases of Interest   Recent Indictments and Accusations
  FreeCoweta County Sex Offenders
  FreeColumbia County Sex Offenders   Most Wanted
  FreeDade County Sex Offenders
  FreeDawson County Inmates   Sex Offenders
  FreeDeKalb County Jail Inmates   Most Wanted
  FreeCity of Decatur Parking Tickets and Citations
  FreeDouglas County Most Wanted
  FreeEffingham County Most Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeElbert County Sex Offenders
  FreeEmanuel County Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeEvans County Sex Offenders
 FreeFayette County Sex Offenders
  FreeCity of Fayetteville Most Wanted
  FreeFloyd County Most Wanted
  FreeForsyth County Most Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeFulton County Jail Inmates
  FreeCity of Atlanta Most Wanted   Vice Arrests
  FreeCity of East Point Warrants   Most Wanted
  FreeGilmer County Sex Offenders
  FreeGwinnett County Detention Center Inmates and Docket Books   Inmates:   Sex Offenders
  FreeHall County Inmates   Most Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeHarris County Sex Offenders
  FreeHenry County Sex Offenders
  FreeHouston County Banishment Registry   Sex Offenders
  FreeJackson County Area Police Logs   Sex Offenders
  FreeJasper County Most Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeJohnson County Recent Arrest Reports   Inmates   Wanted
  FreeLamar County Sex Offenders
  FreeLaurens County Sex Offenders Wanted
  FreeLiberty County Sex Offenders
  FreeLincoln County Sex Offenders 
  FreeLong County Sex Offenders 
  FreeLowndes County Sex Offenders
  FreeMacon Regional Wanted
  FreeMcDuffie County Sex Offenders
  FreeMuscogee County Sex Offenders   Wanted Suspects/Fugitives
  FreeNewton County Sex Offenders
  FreeOconee County Bookings   Sex Offenders
  FreeOglethorpe County Sheriff's Reports
  FreePaulding County Sex Offenders   Most Wanted
  FreePeach County Sex Offenders
  FreePolk County Most Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeRabun County Sex Offenders
  FreeRichmond County Sex Offender
  FreeRockdale County Parolees   Sex Offenders
  FreeCity of Conyers Police Incidents   Accidents
  FreeSavannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Most Wanted
  FreeSeminole County Arrests   Most Wanted   Sex Offenders 
 FreeStephens County Sex Offenders
  FreeThomas County - City of Thomasville Most Wanted
  FreeTift County Most Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeTroup County Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeTurner County Sex Offenders
  FreeUniversity of Georgia Police Logs
  FreeUpson County Sex Offenders
  FreeWalker County Most Wanted   Deadbeat Parents
  FreeWalton County Sex Offenders   Most Wanted
  FreeWayne County - City of Jesup Wanted
  FreeWhite County Sex Offenders
  FreeWhitfield County Sex Offenders
  FreeWilkes County Sex Offenders

State and County Business Records (Georgia Records)

  FreeState Business Entities   Trademarks and Service Marks   Licenses
  FreeBibb County Business Tax Licenses
  FreeDougherty County Trade Names   Under construction.
  FreeFulton County Minority Businesses
  FreeFayette County: City of Fayetteville Business Tax
  FreeToombs County: City of Vidalia Business Licenses
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