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Federal and State Court Case Dockets and Filings (Kentucky Records)

 FreeUS Supreme Court  US Supreme Court (no search)   Merits Briefs   Briefs   Briefs   Oral Argument Transcripts   Oral Arguments  
    US Appeals, District, and Bankruptcy Court Nationwide Party/Case Index PACER
    US Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit (including BAP) CM/ECF
 FreeUS Eastern District Court Free Dockets
     US Eastern District Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Eastern Bankruptcy Court Free Dockets
    US Eastern Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Western District Court Free Dockets
    US Western District Court CM/ECF
  FreeUS Eastern Bankruptcy Court Closed Cases Filed Prior to 8/1/02
 FreeUS Western Bankruptcy Court Free Dockets
    US Western Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF
  FreeUS Western Bankruptcy Court Closed Cases
  FreeState Supreme Court   Briefs   Oral Arguments
  FreeState Court of Appeals   Briefs
  FreeState District and Circuit Courts
  FreeState Public Service Commission ECF
  FreeJefferson County Civil Process Papers

Federal and State Court Rulings, Calendars, Rules, and Forms (Kentucky Records)

  FreeUS Supreme Court Opinions   More   More   More   More   TwitterFeed   Argument Calendars   Court Rules 
  FreeUS Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit Opinions   More   More   More   Email Notification   Calendar   Rules and Procedures   Forms
  FreeUS Eastern Bankruptcy Court Opinions   Calendar   Local Rules, Standing Orders, and Forms
  FreeUS Eastern District Court Hearing Schedule   Local Rules and Forms
  FreeUS Western District Court Opinions   Calendar   Local Rules   Forms
  FreeUS Western Bankruptcy Court Memorandum Opinions   Local Rules   Forms
  FreeState Supreme Court Opinions   Oral Argument Calendar   Rules and Procedures
  FreeState Court of Appeals   Oral Argument Calendar
  FreeState Circuit and District Courts Calendar
  FreeState Attorney General Opinions
  FreeState Public Service Commission Decisions   Docket Reports and Hearing Schedules

State and County Property, Recordings, and Liens (Kentucky Records)

  FreeState UCCs - Search by Name or Filing Number.   Unclaimed Property
  FreeAnderson County Property
  FreeBoone County Property
  FreeCity of Union Property Tax 
  FreeBoyd County Property
  FreeBoyle County Property
  FreeCaldwell County Recorder
  FreeCalloway County Property
    Campbell County Property Records 
  FreeFayette County Property
  FreeFranklin County Property
  FreeGarrard County Property
  FreeGrant County Property
  FreeHardin County Property
  FreeHenderson County Property
  FreeHenry County Property
  FreeHopkins County Property
  FreeJefferson County Property   Recorder
  FreeKenton County Property   Recorder
  FreeLaurel County Property
  FreeLawrence County Property
    Logan County Property - Minimum $50 charge.
  FreeLyon County Property
    McCracken County Property - documents can be purchased.
    Muhlenberg County Property - Short Term Search (15 searches) cost $30.00, with additional pricing options for more searches.
  FreeOhio County Property
  FreeOldham County Property
  FreePendleton County Property
  FreePulaski County Property
    Scott County Recorded Documents  - Signup fee of $200 plus monthly fee of $65.00. Additional users are charged a $10 monthly fee. 
  FreeShelby County Property
  FreeWayne County Property Maps
  FreeWoodford County Property

Federal and State Criminal Records (Kentucky Records)

  FreeUS Federal Bureau of Prison Inmates - Includes all inmates from 1982 to present.
  FreeStatewide Inmates:
  FreeUS FBI Most Wanted
  FreeUS National Sex Offender Public Registry
  FreeState Department of Probation and Parole Most Wanted
  FreeState Department of Corrections Offenders
  FreeState Department of Revenue Delinquent Debtors
  FreeState Police Sex Offenders   Most Wanted
 FreeBallard County Inmates
  FreeBarren County Inmates   Warrants   Most Wanted   Child Support Most Wanted 
 FreeBoyd County Inmates   Warrants
  FreeCity of Ashland Most Wanted
  FreeBoyle County - City of Danville Active Warrants   Ten Most Wanted
  FreeBourbon County Inmates
  FreeBullitt County Inmates
  FreeCampbell County - City of Newport Wanted
  FreeCarroll County Inmates
  FreeClark County - City of Winchester Most Wanted
  FreeFayette County Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeFulton County Inmates
  FreeGraves County Inmates
  FreeGrayson County Inmates   Delinquent Real Estate Tax Bills
  FreeHarlan County Inmates   Fugitives
  FreeHopkins County Inmates
  FreeJefferson County - City of Louisville Top Delinquent Child Support Obligors   University of Louisville Public Safety Reports
  FreeJessamine County Most Wanted
  FreeKenton County Inmates
  FreeKnox County Inmates
  FreeLarue County Inmates
  FreeLewis County Inmates Delinquent Tax Payers
  FreeMarion County Inmates
 FreeMason County Inmates
  FreeCity of Paducah Most Wanted
  FreeMcCracken County Jail Inmates
  FreePerry County Warrants
  FreePulaski County Inmates   Most Wanted 
  FreeCity of Somerset Most Wanted
  FreeRockcastle County Inmates
  FreeRowan County Inmates
  FreeSimpson County Inmates
  FreeTaylor County Inmates
  FreeUnion County Delinquent Tax Payers
  FreeUrban County Offenders
  FreeWarren County Inmates  
  FreeWashington County Delinquent Tax Payers
  FreeWebster County Inmates
 FreeWhitley County Inmates

State and County Business Records (Kentucky Records)

  FreeState Business Entities   Trademarks and Service Marks
  FreeState Business Finder
  FreeState Department of Revenue Delinquent Business Debtors
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