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Federal and State Court Case Dockets and Filings (Maryland Records)

 FreeUS Supreme Court  US Supreme Court (no search)   Merits Briefs   Briefs   Briefs   Oral Argument Transcripts   Oral Arguments  
    US Appeals, District, and Bankruptcy Court Nationwide Party/Case Index PACER
    US Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit CM/ECF
 FreeUS District Court Free Dockets
    US District Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Bankruptcy Court Free Dockets
    US Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF
  FreeUS Bankruptcy Court Archived Cases
  FreeState Court of Appeals Oral Argument Webcasts
  FreeState Circuit and District Courts
  FreeState Public Service Commission
  FreeState Workers' Compensation Claims
  FreeBaltimore City Housing Cases

Federal and State Court Cases of Interest (Maryland Records)

  FreeUS Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit Cases of Public Interest
  FreeUS District Court Public Interest Cases
  FreeState Appellate Courts Highlighted Cases
  FreeGitanjali Deane, et. al., v. Frank Conaway, et. al.
  FreeMicrosoft Antitrust MDL Litigation
  FreeMutual Funds Investment Litigation
  FreeRoyal Ahold MDL Litigation
  FreeSingleton, et al. v. Hillsmere Shores Improvement Association, et. al.
  FreeState of Maryland v. Policarpio Espinoza Perez and Adan Espinoza Canela

Federal and State Court Rulings, Calendars, Rules, and Forms (Maryland Records)

  FreeUS Supreme Court Opinions   More   More   More   More   TwitterFeed   Argument Calendars   Court Rules 
  FreeUS District Court Opinions   Calendar   Local Rules   Forms and Manuals
  FreeUS Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit Opinions   More   More   More   Email Notification   Calendar   Rules and Procedures   Forms and Notices
  FreeUS Bankruptcy Court Opinions   Judgments   Local Rules   Forms
  FreeState Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals Reported Opinions   Unreported
  FreeState Court of Appeals Granted Cert Petitions   Calendar
  FreeState Appellate Opinions   More
  FreeState Tax Court Decisions
  FreeState Attorney General Opinions
  FreeState Public Service Commission Orders
  FreeAnne Arundel County Circuit Court Calendar
  FreeBaltimore County Circuit Court Daily Calendar
  FreeBaltimore City Selected Opinions
  FreeCecil County Circuit Court Calendar
  FreeMontgomery County Circuit Court Daily Calendar
  FreePrince George's County Circuit Court Daily Calendar

State and County Property, Recordings, and Liens (Maryland Records)

  FreeState UCCs - Search by Name or File Number.   Land Records   Property   Unclaimed Property
  FreeAnne Arundel County Property
  FreeCharles County Property Taxes   Tax Sales
  FreeDorchester County Property Taxes
  FreeFrederick County Property Tax
  FreeHoward County Real Estate and Personal Property Tax 
  FreeMontgomery County Property Taxes
  FreePrince George's County Property Taxes
  FreeCity of Baltimore Property Taxes
  FreeWashington County Real Estate Property Tax   Personal Property Tax
  FreeWorcester County Property Taxes 

Federal and State Criminal Records (Maryland Records)

  FreeUS Federal Bureau of Prison Inmates - Includes all inmates from 1982 to present.
  FreeUS FBI Most Wanted
  FreeStatewide Inmates:
  FreeState Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Inmates
  FreeState Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Sex Offender Registry
  FreeUS National Sex Offender Public Registry
 FreeState Comptroller Delinquent Taxpayers
  FreeAnne Arundel County Most Wanted
  FreeBaltimore County Police Blotter   Wanted   Deadbeat Parents
  FreeCaroline County Most Wanted   Sex Offenders
  FreeCalvert County Most Wanted
  FreeCecil County - City of Elkton Warrants/Wanted
  FreeCharles County Most Wanted
  FreeFrederick County Sex Offenders 
  FreeCity of Frederick Warrants   Media Releases with Arrests
  FreeHartford County Most Wanted   Most Wanted for Child Support   Sex Offenders
  FreeMontgomery County Most Wanted Fugitives
  FreePrince George's County Most Wanted   Most Wanted Absent Parents
  FreeSt. Mary's County Crime Reports   Criminal Warrants   Child Support Warrants   Sex Offenders
  FreeTalbot County Wanted for Child Support   Sex Offenders  
  FreeTown of Easton Most Wanted
  FreeWashington County Most Wanted
  FreeWicomico County Most Wanted   Child Sex Offender Registry 

State and County Business Records (Maryland Records)

  FreeState Business Entities   Trademarks and Service Marks   Licenses
  FreeEmployers Workers' Compensation Insurance Verification
  FreeFuneral Establishments
  FreePharmacy Establishments
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