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Federal and State Court Case Dockets and Filings (Tennessee Records)

 FreeUS Supreme Court  US Supreme Court (no search)   Merits Briefs   Briefs   Briefs   Oral Argument Transcripts   Oral Arguments  
    US Appeals, District, and Bankruptcy Court Nationwide Party/Case Index PACER
    US Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit (including BAP) CM/ECF
 FreeUS Eastern District Court Free Dockets
    US Eastern District Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Eastern Bankruptcy Court Free Dockets
 FreeUS Middle District Court Free Dockets
    US Eastern Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF
    US Middle District Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Middle Bankruptcy Court Free Dockets
    US Middle Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Western District Court Free Dockets
    US Western District Court CM/ECF
 FreeUS Western Bankruptcy Court Free Dockets
    US Western Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF
  FreeState Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Criminal Court of Appeals
  FreeState Regulatory Authority
    Davidson County Circuit, Probate and General Sessions-Civil Division Courts - Subscription required. $20.00 per month.
  FreeCity of Nashville Criminal Court
  FreeHamilton County - Chattanooga City Court
  FreeShelby County Chancery Court   Download List
  FreeCircuit Court  Download List
  FreeGeneral Sessions and State Criminal Courts   Download List
  FreeGeneral Sessions Court Civil Division   Download List
  FreeProbate Court   Download List

Federal and State Court Cases of Interest (Tennessee Records)

  FreeUS Middle District Court Selected Pleadings
  FreeUS Western District Court Cases of Public Interest
  FreeGenesco Inc. v. The Finish Line, Inc., et al.
  FreeUnumProvident Multidistrict Litigation
  FreeTaylor Martino Kuykendall Cases of Interest

Federal and State Court Rulings, Calendars, Rules, and Forms (Tennessee Records)

  FreeUS Supreme Court Opinions   More   More   More   More   TwitterFeed   Argument Calendars   Court Rules 
  FreeUS Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit Opinions   More   More   More   Email Notification   Calendar   Rules and Procedures   Forms
  FreeUS Eastern District Court Opinions and Jury Charges   Calendar   Local Rules and Standing Orders   Forms
  FreeUS Eastern Bankruptcy Court Opinions   Calendar   Local Rules and General Orders   Forms
  FreeUS Middle District Court Local Rules   Forms
  FreeUS Middle Bankruptcy Court Opinions   Calendar   Local Rules   Forms
  FreeUS Western District Court Opinions   Calendar   Local Rules and Plans   Forms and Applications
  FreeUS Western Bankruptcy Court Opinions   Calendar   Local Rules   Forms
  FreeState Court Rules   Forms and Publications
  FreeState Supreme Court Opinions   Calendar
  FreeState Court of Appeals Opinions   Calendar
  FreeState Court of Criminal Appeals Opinions   Calendar
  FreeState Appellate Courts Recent Opinions Via Email
  FreeState Attorney General Opinions
  FreeState Worker's Compensation Panel Opinions   Calendar
  FreeState Regulatory Authority Orders   Agendas
  FreeDavidson County General Sessions Court Calendar   Chancery Court Calendar   Probate Court Calendar
  FreeKnox County Circuit Court Calendar
  FreeHamilton County Chancery Court Calendar   Circuit Court Calendar    Criminal Court Calendar   Sessions Civil Court   Sessions Criminal Court
  FreeHamilton County Criminal Court Dispositions   General Sessions Criminal Court Dispositions
  FreeShelby County Circuit Court Calendar   General Sessions Court Calendar   Probate Court Calendar

State and County Property, Recordings, and Liens (Tennessee Records)

  FreeState UCCs - Search by Debtor or File Number.   Unclaimed Property
  FreeMultiple County GIS Maps
  FreeMultiple County Real Estate Assessment
  FreeChattanooga County Property Taxes
  FreeDavidson County Assessor   Property Maps
  FreeDesoto and Shelby County Properties
  FreeHamilton County Assessor   Property Maps   Property Taxes   Register of Deeds
    Hamilton County Deeds - $50.00 Fee per month.
  FreeKnox County Property Maps   Property Taxes
  FreeLincoln County Property Maps
  FreeMaury County Property Maps
  FreePutnam County Property Maps
  FreeShelby County Assessor   Recorder
  FreeSumner County Property Maps
  FreeUnicoi County Assessor

Federal and State Criminal Records (Tennessee Records)

  FreeUS Federal Bureau of Prison Inmates - Includes all inmates from 1982 to present.
  FreeUS FBI Most Wanted - City of Knoxville   City of Memphis
  FreeUS Marshals Fugitives East   Middle   West
  FreeStatewide Inmates Except Davidson and Shelby Counties: vinelink.com
  FreeUS National Sex Offender Public Registry
  FreeState Department of Correction/Board of Probation and Parole Felony Offenders
  FreeState Department of Correction Escapees
  FreeState Bureau of Investigation Most Wanted  Out of State Probation and Parole Registry
  FreeState Methamphetamine Offender Registry
    State Bureau of Investigation Background Check - Application and $29.00 fee per record.
  FreeState Bureau of Investigation Sex Offenders
  FreeBedford County Most Wanted
  FreeBlount County Inmates   Most Wanted 
  FreeDavidson County Active Inmates and Recent Bookings   vinelink.com
  FreeCity of Nashville Wanted Persons   Wanted Fugitives
  FreeDickson County Most Wanted
  FreeCity of Dickson Warrants
  FreeFranklin County Wanted
  FreeGiles County Inmates
  FreeGreene County Most Wanted
  FreeHamilton County Most Wanted Fugitives   Hamilton County Criminal Court Dispositions   General Sessions Criminal Court Dispositions
  FreeCity of Chattanooga Wanted
  FreeKnox County Sex Offenders
  FreeLoudon County Fugitives
  FreeMadison County Arrests   Most Wanted
  FreeMarshall County Most Wanted
  FreeMonroe County Wanted
  FreeShelby County Jail Inmates   vinelink.com   Warrants   Most Wanted
  FreeCity of Memphis Robbery Squad Most Wanted   Safe Neighborhoods Most Wanted
  FreeSullivan County Most Wanted 
  FreeCity of Bristol Wanted
  FreeTown of Kingsport Most Wanted
  FreeWashington County Most Wanted
  FreeWilson County Most Wanted

State and County Business Records (Tennessee Records)

  FreeState Business Entities   Trademarks
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