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Thursday, February 24, 2005

More on Federal Court RSS feeds
In association with the NYED court, the Wisconsin Western Bankruptcy Court is also offering a RSS feed. However, Genie Tyburski of The Virtual Chase points out that a PACER account is required and it doesn't work in Bloglines, but does with Opera and My Yahoo. In addition, Bobbi Cross of Schnader Harrison discovered it would not work in AmphetaDesk apparently because some aggregators will not accept secure URLs, ie: "https", as opposed to "http". I found this to be true and could not get it going in Newz Crawler. What's it all mean? The federal courts dipping their toe in the RSS pool is a great thing. It demonstrates that accessing public court records is continuing to expand and become more easily obtainable. Let's just hope that the government can successfully keep private information off the internet to avoid problems like a certain commercial web site has recently experienced.

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